Battery powered Aircraft Static Test Adapter

This unique Static Port Adapter kit is adaptable to virtually any aircraft static port. Its innovative construction allows the arms to maneuver around obstacles and/or curvature to the aircraft skin, and provide a secure fit. Each arm is fitted with a spring loaded suction cup and has a built in check valve. This allows for solid fit on the aircraft a secure hold in case of the loss of power/suction. The kit comes with two static adapter assemblies that allow you to test two static systems simultaneously. The rugged system can operate completely under battery power for up to 8 hours, which makes ramp side maintenance much more efficient
  • Unit can operate using 115vac or battery power.  
  • Battery is designed to power the unit continuously for 8 hours
  • Safety check valves to prevent loss of suction in a complete power failure
  • Comes with two static adapters and a variety of suction cup sizes
  • High pressure hoses with quick release fittings
  • High impact orange case for unit protection and easy transportation. 

       MSRP $3499.00
Aircraft Static Test Adapter
  • ​  Automatically attaches to aircraft fuselage
  •   High pressure hoses with quick release fittings
  •   Safety check valves for power failure and system leaks
  •   High impact yellow case with internal electric vacuum pump
  •   Designed to fit most general & military aircraft static ports
  •   Comes with 1/2 in center suction cup.  Additional size are available.
  •   Power input: 115 V AC 50/60 Hz. Continuous operation
  •   Custom voltages available: 12vdc, 28vdc, 115 vac & 220 vac
  •   Size: 12" x 10" Wt. 8.5lbs​

      MSRP $1275.00
Ramp Sight Compass
Our Ramp Sight Compass, RSC-107, is used to check the mounted aircraft compass. It is designed and mounted on a handle at 180° which allows the user to face the aircraft and communicate with others inside the cockpit. The RSC-107 comes with a padded Pelican case for transportation and storage.
      MSRP $800.00
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